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Top 10 Best Battery Spot Welder Review 2021

Assembling a large number of batteries or connecting tapes requires the best battery spot welder. If you are in a similar profession that requires a quality welder, you are at the right place.

For connecting the nickel strips on the batteries, quite a few procedures follow after secure welding. Hence, if the welds are not effective enough, it will not retain the charge and will not operate the machine in later stages. 

For a quality connection of batteries into a pack, each battery’s interconnection with the main engine is a must. Although the task may seem easy theoretically, it is challenging on a practical note.

A suitable battery spot welder will help ease the process and make the work smoother, along with an increase in productivity.

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Best Spot Welder

Photo Title Buy
Stark Professional Portable Electric 240 Volt Spot Welder Machine Welding Systems DIY Welding Tips with Handle Buy On Amazon
Mophorn 737G Battery Welding Machine, 0.15mm Pulse Spot Welder, 110V Battery Spot Welder and Soldering Station Portable Pulse Welding Machine for Battery Pack 18650 14500 Lithium Batteries Buy On Amazon
SUNKKO Pulse Spot Welder 788H 18650 battery Welding Machine with LED Battery Testing and Charging Function,110V Buy On Amazon
SUNKKO 709A Battery Spot Welder Battery Welding Soldering Machine for 18650 Lithium-ion Battery Pack Welding 0.3mm Nickel Strip,110V Buy On Amazon
Handhold YaeCCC 737G Battery Spot Welder with Pulse & Current Display 1.5 kw Buy On Amazon
Bestauto 3500A Vehicle Panel Spot Puller Dent Bonnet Door Repair Dent Puller 12KW Spot Welder for Car Dent Repair (GYS2600) Buy On Amazon
Solary 4200 Spot Welding Machine 4200A Car Dent Puller Dent Pulling Machine Spotter Welders Buy On Amazon
Lenco Autobody Dual Spot Welder (LNXL4000) Category: Spot Welders Buy On Amazon
Battery Spot Welder Machine SUNKKO 738AL Buy On Amazon
Mophorn 737G+ Pulse Spot Welder 0.35mm Battery Spot Welder 110V Battery Welding Machine and Soldering Station Portable Pulse Welding Machine for Battery Pack 18650 14500 Lithium Batteries Buy On Amazon

The 10 Best Battery Spot Welder Review 2021

Below mentioned are some of the best spot welders that you may consider looking at while purchasing a new one. Their pros and cons are also mentioned to give a clear and unbiased idea along with their respective features.

Further, a list of buying considerations at the end will help you identify the factors that require utmost attention. Without anymore delay, let us start with the first one. 

01. Stark 240 Volt Portable Electric Spot Welder

Best Battery Spot Welder


Although spot welding is a common technique, using a specialized machine from Stark eases the process. Its quality construction is ideal for those who require welding in materials with various thicknesses.

Since it requires a voltage of 240V, welding is much faster and engages in around six inches of throat depth. If you are searching for a reliable spot welder, this is the right option for the process.

Although its applications are limited, the result of using its battery spotting is accurate. At an affordable price, it gives an efficient performance within a limited power consumption.

Multiple Material Usages

Spot welding through this equipment is convenient on many materials like galvanized steel and welds smoothly through it. Primary reason behind this feature is its single-phase design, which makes operation easier.

Placing the material in an accurate position is, however, mandatory. 


Its lightweight makes it easier for the user to relocate without straining the muscles and the back. There are very minimal chances of damage due to its quality steel but not dropping it from a height. 

Pointed Tips

Welding tips of this equipment are quite pointed, making the process efficient and increasing its ability to weld irrespective of its thickness. Replacing the tips is not complex and requires only screwing in the replaced position.

Further, the package accompanies replacement tips so that you do not have to search for an exact one. Hence, you should keep a pair handy. It will prevent wastage of time and prevent continuing with the blunt tips. 

  • Non-slip carrying handle
  • Activating lever present
  • Requires minimal procedural pressure 
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Requires aligning of contact arms

02. Mophorn 737G Pedel Wilding Pulse Spot Welder

Best Battery Spot Welder


Those who are in the profession of battery spot welding will need equipment that is long-lasting and durable. Since the process does not require tedious metal welding techniques, an easily operable spot welder is evident.

The one from Mophorn is suitable for such procedures and has quite interesting features. Ideally, it is useful for assembling Nickel-Cadmium batteries, although some use it for button cells by adjusting the output setting.

Further, its compact size makes it convenient to store as it does not take up much space. However, ensure to keep it away from the reach of children. 


Apart from button cells, it finds its usage in polymer battery as well as protection boards. Hence a single machine is capable of various applications. There is no need to spend extra money on different equipment for similar tasks.

Repairing cameras of smartphones and automobiles is also useful with this welder. 

Pedal System

For precise welding, it has the ability to use a foot pedal. Besides, it keeps the hands free to hold the battery set in the exact position. Provision of LED lights illuminates the exact position and also enables to work in darker working conditions.

Whenever needed, connect the pedal with the attached wire, which is also removable after use. 

Display Panel

For setting the output, pulse, and current flow, there is an LCD panel. Its simple adjusting arrangement with the buttons provided below the LCD enables in achieving the accuracy.

Secondly, instead of one screen, there are two of them, one for a pulse and the other for current flow. 

  • In-built cooling system 
  • Self-protection ability
  • Easy setting techniques 
  • Lightweight and easy relocation
  • Operation is difficult initially

03. SUNKKO 788H 18650 Battery Welding Machine

Best Battery Spot Welder


Instead of working with a damaged or worn spot welder, invest in cost-efficient and long-lasting investment. Sunkko is a well-known brand and manufactures quite sturdy and useful battery spot welders.

Its ability to weld is ideal for those dealing with pure nickel strips. Their high-quality construction and materials provide long-lasting performance.

Availability of extra welting tips is another advantage which gives better reliability. The attached pair is effective for at least one year. But the extra pair tends to be a safe alternative in case the tips blunt abruptly.  

Pedaling Ability

Whenever required, it has the provision of attaching the pedal, which comes with an attached cord. Just plug it in the control interface marked as yellow to activate the pedal.

As a result, you can concentrate on precise spot welding of the batteries. It also helps in holding the battery pack exactly in the desired position without any displacement. 

High Adjusting Ability

Different materials require different welding methods in terms of current and pressure. Since this machine has the capability of adjusting as per preference, it is ideal for the purpose.

There are two knobs for achieving the required voltage and pressure and require turning it into the clockwise or anticlockwise direction. 

Battery Charging

Another attractive specification of the Sunkko is that it can also charge the battery pack after spot welding. However, ensure that you are aware about battery’s capacity as you will need to adjust the flow of current.

A secure and non-slipping handle makes relocation easier. Almost all important accessories are available with the main unit, ensuring you are ready to start at any moment.  

  • Charges up to 30V battery
  • Includes two pairs of welding-rods
  • Includes all necessary accessories
  • Lightweight and strong welds
  • LCD may require some repairing

04. SUNKKO 709A Spot Welder Battery Machine

Best Battery Spot Welder


Another product made to this list is also a spot welder from Sunkko, but it is slightly different from the previous one. Apart from welding nickel sheets, it is also useful for usage in circuit boards.

However, while soldering, it has the provision of the temperature from 150 to 450°C. Its usage of a variety of materials makes it multipurpose equipment for different projects.

Further, the long-lasting welds build efficient battery packs and do not loosen up easily. Once assembled, the battery packs are useful in electric tools and some electric vehicles, to name a few. 

Current Adjustment

Instead of multiple knobs, this consists of one knob for adjusting the current flow for welding. However, for adjusting pulse, there are three different buttons with different rates.

Hence while welding on a different material, you can easily adjust the requirements. 

Easy Application

Using this welding device is not very tough as it already contains an instruction manual. Moreover, all the knobs and buttons have their names mentioned below it for easy access.

Ensure to seek professional advice if you are a beginner or not very sure about the procedure. 

Welding Pen

One of the interesting features is the availability of a welding pen with this battery spot welder. If there are times when there is a welding need in a circuit board, attach the welding pen and start operating.

Further, it also enables the user to operate with a pedal, so the hands remain free to prevent displacement. Both used at a time increases the control on the welding and results in stronger welds. 

  • Consistent results for a long duration
  • Efficient upper welding arms
  • Ideal for use on stronger tabs
  • Fast and easy application
  • Different charges on both ports

05. YaeCCC 737G Portable Battery Spot Welder with Pulse

Best Battery Spot Welder


If you find it difficult carrying a heavy spot welder, being a frequent traveler, choose a better alternative. The battery spot welder from YaeCCC can connect multiple batteries into packs by welding together with metallic strips.

By strong connectivity of the metal plates with the contact points, it prevents loss of charge. However, along with welding battery spots, it is also useful in mobile repairs and other hardware parts.

But you must be well-aware of its usage and process.


Apart from the main unit, the package contains a foot pedal for more precise welding in smaller batteries. There is an inclusion of a hex wrench for driving and securing bolts and screws.

One pair of welding pins is mandatory with the main unit, but another pair is complementary for replacement. Instead of one fuse, it contains two fuses and an instruction manual. 

Power Switch

A separate switch is available on the front side so that you can easily access the power. During an operation, this power switch is useful for connecting and disconnecting the power supply instantly.

Hence, you will not have to switch off the main power plug now and then, which is quite annoying. 

Display Screen

There are two display screens, one for a pulse and the other for current flow. Separate buttons for increasing and decreasing the flow of current enables you to weld on different materials.

Thus, increasing its capacity of applications on different projects. Attachment of the power cord at the welder’s back keeps it safe and well-connected with the output.

For long-lasting use, ensure to store in a protected place and maintain it properly.

  • Consistent with regular household voltage
  • Easy usage with basic skills
  • Workable under low lighting conditions
  • In-built micro-chip
  • No clear instructions in manual

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06. Bestauto 3500A Cooling System Vehicle Panel Spot Welder

Best Battery Spot Welder


One of the most dependable and durable battery spot holders is from Bestauto. Since its body is of stainless steel, there are no chances of corrosion.

There is nothing to worry about weather conditions while working with this welder. Further, its paint on the metal surface acts as an added layer of protection.

Hence, it gives a long-lasting performance for many years to come. If you are a car repair mechanic, it will be a perfect companion for your welding procedures.

Its heat resisting capacity makes it an ideal option to invest in for any professional. 

In-built Cooling

Long hours of working on a battery spot welder tend to generate a lot of heat from its operation. To prevent damaging the internal machinery, the excess heat must dissipate.

In the Bestauto welder, there is already an in-built cooling system that removes the excess generated heat. Hence, by maintaining the internal temperature, the machine works efficiently for longer hours. 

Welding Guns

The attachment of two welding guns enables two users to work at the same time. Besides, both of these welding guns have quite a longer length, indicating two separate workspaces.

As a result, it saves time by completing two different projects at once. It also saves energy and improves the productivity of the users. 

Look Enhancement

Most welding machines leave behind large spots of weld that usually mars the overall look of the product. However, with its efficiency and precision, the welded spots of Bestauto are comparatively quite smaller and cleaner.

Thus, the finished product looks quite clean and tidy after the completion of the process. 

  • Small in size
  • Minimizes dents from metals
  • Affordable and energy-efficient
  • Clear display system and buttons
  • Heavy and a bit difficult to carry

07. Solary 4200 Multipurpose Spot Welding Machine

Best Battery Spot Welder


One piece of equipment that battery pack assemblers look for is an energy-efficient and simple battery spot welder. For increasing productivity, workers require machinery that is simple to use and operate.

One such welding machine for professional usage is from Solary. Its ability to do multiple tasks saves a lot of time and helps produce goods faster. In terms of applications, it ranges from tasks related to sheet patching to washers welding.

Hence instead of investing in multiple equipment types, investing in this one is considered an intelligent move. 

No Dents

Most battery spot welders leave behind some dents or patches while welding, which hampers the metal sheet’s outlook or the product. But not in this case, as it can work on large and thick materials without leaving any marks on them.

The finished product does not have any visible dents on it. Besides, it can also be useful for reducing dents from vehicles. Thus serves multiple purposes. 

Easily Movable

Being a multipurpose welder, it also has a heavyweight, which otherwise is difficult to carry. But, the Solary welder has wheels attached at the bottom, which makes its relocation quite effortless.

However, you will need some minimal push to initiate the wheel’s movement. The two wheels at the front are small, while at the back, they are comparatively larger.

All four of them are of good quality and can withstand the weight of the welder. 


A lot of accessories accompany the main unit. The efficient sucker can lift dents from vehicles, multiple wrenches, welding rods, etc. There is a knob for setting the current flow on the main unit, along with a timer.

Two storage trays are quite helpful for holding the welding wires and other equipment. Further, the location iron rod handle at the back is useful for the entire unit’s easy push. 

  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Hard and well-painted body
  • Automatic timer setting ability
  • Affordable and well-performing
  • Not ideal for aluminum work

08. Lenco LNXL4000 Autobody Dual Spot Welder

Best Battery Spot Welder


A heavy-duty welding machine like Lenco Marine is preferable for those who prefer simple yet efficient design. Its improved power handling ability reduces extra costs that incur from other traditional welding machines.

However, it is heavy equipment weighing around 100 pounds but has wheels attached. These help in easy movement while in the same space or garage and are quite sturdy to carry the welder’s weight.

But will require extra effort if you plan to relocate to a different location. 

Long Cable

Both the welding pins attach to long cables so that you can reach out to far locations, which may not be possible otherwise. Likewise, as the welder also requires power to operate, a power cable is attached to the rear side.

Its long length enables the user to move around with the welder without the hassle of searching for another plug-point. 

No Settings Possible

Although it is an efficient welder, there are no extra buttons or knobs to adjust current flow or pulse. Only a simple switch on and off button. However, you can use the automatic timer attached to it.

Chances of accidental changes are not possible here, and the rate of current remains the same.


The outer cover of the welder is sturdy and has a solid construction to withstand sudden impacts. You can depend on its durability without frequent maintenance. Since it is a single-phase design, the current flow remains stable throughout. 

  • Long pushing handle
  • Reliable welds on materials
  • Easy usage without complication
  • Storage space for accommodating tools
  • Unable to adjust settings

09. SUNKKO 738AL User-friendly Battery Spot Welder Machine

Best Battery Spot Welder


Here’s another battery spot welder from Sunkko, which includes quite a few extra features than the previous ones. Since the brand is already well-known, efficient, and manufactures some quality welders, trusting them is worthy.

Apart from being efficient in performance, it also provides perfect welds with minimal traces of dents. They are ideal for assembling large packs of batteries, mostly used in electric vehicles and tools. 

Multiple Usages

Along with welding in nickel strips, it can also weld on other nickel-plated materials like stainless steel. Being a battery-powered device, you can carry it along to different locations and operate without a power supply.

Ensure that the welder is completely charged. Using this machine is not very complicated but ensure to have basic knowledge about it. Referring to a professional is advisable.

Magnetic Pins

Another advantageous feature in this is its magnetic welding pins that hold the position of the battery packs. Secondly, the welding pins attach to a moving handle, which makes the process far easier.

This arm’s smooth movement protrudes out of the main unit, and the pins attach on its front side. Hence, if the materials are thick, there are no complexities involved. 


Two power switches and buttons for regulating the current flow are available on the front side, making its access easier. An interface is also present, which allows attaching the pedal foot cord.

Cooling vents are on the sides, which indicates that it has an inbuilt cooling system and keeps regulating the temperature. For the prevention of damages to the internal joints, these cooling features prove very useful.

  • Strong and durable handle
  • Lightweight hence easy to carry
  • Essential accessories available
  • Removable moving welding arm
  • Initial welds are inconsistent

10. Mophorn 737G+ Premium Quality Battery Spot Welder

Best Battery Spot Welder


Finally, another quality Mophorn welder is this one, which has started to gain popularity. Attachment of welding pens along with static pins is its attractive yet distinguished specification.

Its short, compact, and lightweight structure make it convenient for those who frequently carry along a welder. Hence you have a compatible and convenient device for professional or personal use. 

Welding Pins

A pair of welding pins attach to the main body, making working on a flat surface easier, as you do not have to lift your hands for flat materials. However, if you prefer working with stagnant welding pins, it also has the provision.

Welding pins have a sturdy plastic handle giving a good grip to the fingers to prevent slipping. They are comfortable to hold. Enabling to perform with one hand so that the other hand is used for holding the battery in position. 


The outer covering or body is sturdy enough for long-lasting performance. Its built-quality is strong, and the black paint on the body adds another layer of protection to prevent corrosion.

There are vents on the body’s side, which allows the heat generated during activation to pass to the outer atmosphere. Hence, the temperature regulates on its own. 

Additional Strips

Since for battery spot welding, nickel strips are in high demand, around 1kg accompany the package. Hence, after you receive the package, you can get yourself started with the task without spending extra on an immediate purchase.

The inclusion of these strips is additional along with other basic accessories like foot pedal, welding tips, fuses, etc. 

  • Automatic welding ability
  • 30A input current for operation
  • Strong and well-built handle
  • Prominent display screen
  • Spring tension switch malfunctions sometimes

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Buying Considerations for the Best Battery Spot Welder

With advancements in science and technology, researchers come up with new and modified ways of performing tasks. Since most electric equipment in the present-day work on batteries, mass production of battery packs is necessary.

While assembling these battery packs, one of the essential equipment is a standard battery spot welder. Since many brands manufacture different types of welders, it is important to know their basic specifications. 

Below are some fundamental factors that you must consider while planning to buy the best spot welder. 


The price of a product is the first factor that most customers look up to while purchasing. The price of battery spot welders differs as per the brand and its varied features.

However, it is better you pre-decide on a budget so that it is easier to sort out as per affordability. Selecting a quality product is more important than investing in a cheaper one.

You can also avail the deals and discounts that most sellers offer at frequent intervals. This will further reduce the overall price. Secondly, the basic accessories accompany the main unit, reducing extra cost on an immediate basis. 


In terms of size, battery spot welders are either compact and lightweight or are extensively heavy. If you are a professional, but your workspace confines in a specific area, you may use the heavier ones.

Most heavy welders have wheels attached to the bottom so that moving it is easier. In contrast, if you regularly travel, carrying a heavy welder will require both efforts and transportation charges.

In that case, you may invest in compact and lightweight welders that also have a sturdy and non-slip handle. They are easy to carry and ideal for relocation. 


Based on the features of a battery spot welder, they are categorized into the following types.

Welders with pins: Most people invest in welders that are easy to carry and compact in size. They have welding pins attached on the front side, and the user must lift his hands with the pack to continue welding.

Some may or may not have LCD screens for displaying the current and pulse rate. However, all of them have a power switch and a foot pedal.

Welders with guns: These are ideal when you have to reach out to far spots for welding. Since it is impossible to carry larger materials in front of the welders containing pins, welding guns are convenient. They usually have longer cables attached to welding guns. 

Combo welders: If you require both hand-held welding and distant welding, these are ideal for you. Choose the one which offers both welding guns and pins to use as per requirement. 

Moveable welders: You may also choose the ones that have wheels attached for easy movement. Long cables of the welding guns make it possible to reach out to different vehicle or material areas. 


Ensure that the chosen battery spot welder has an in-built cooling system so that the internal mechanism continues its efficiency. Vents on the sides or at the back will help in releasing the generated heat.

Also, make sure that the screws and bolts are tightly secured, and the built quality is sturdy. A protected paint on the body will prevent it from corrosion and thus will be ideal for carrying to locations with different temperatures. 


While choosing the best battery spot welder, ensure that it contains the basic accessory kit along. Those who want proficiency can also choose a moveable arm attached to the welder, making the welding pins move together.

A display screen on the welder will help in setting the exact adjustment. Most of them include a detailed instruction manual for the procedures to get started.

However, it is better to seek professional help while using a new and advanced welder. The user should use some basic protection gear like gloves an eye mask to protect hands and eyes from the welding flares.

Separate switches for a current, pulse, power makes it convenient to choose the required setting.

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We hope this article enlightened you about the best battery spot welder’s basic features as we reach near the conclusion. Spot welding finds its applications in a wide variety of automobiles, electric vehicles, and electric tools.

Its basic process includes applying force from an electric source to join two or more metal sheets together. Hence to ensure that the weld joints are secure and tight enough, it is necessary to invest in a quality welder.

A battery spot welder is useful for joining metal sheets like a nickel on multiple batteries to form a pack. Ensure to choose a welder that is efficient in performance and has a strong construction to withstand the pressure applied.

Although most of them are light and compact, the heavy ones have wheels attached for easy movement. Next time you plan to invest in a new battery spot welder or replace the existing one, you must refer to this list for necessary specifications.

Maintain all protective measures while using a welder and enjoy the process throughout. 

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