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Friday, February 16 @ 9:30 pm

Come experience the 1982 neo-noir dystopian science fiction film, Blade Runner, the way it was always meant to be experienced: with BINGO!

Although most people would say that the Blade Runner Final Cut version is the definitive director’s vision of this seminal work, others would say that something important, namely FUN, was left out**!

Since Videology specializes in fun, we’ve asked our VBRD (Videology Bingo Research & Design) Department to create custom bingo boards that highlight all the most well know cliches from the film. Put a chip on your card when you see things like: flying cars; rain; origami; or electronic billboards. Wait for characters to say famous lines like “I want more life, Father,” or “Is this testing if I’m a replicant, or a lesbian?”

We guarantee that this will be more than just a screening of Blade Runner, this will be a screening of Blade FUNNER!***

*This is Videology’s opinion. Ridley Scott was not consulted and would most likely not approve.

** Most people would not say this.

*** This one is absolutely true.


Friday, February 16
9:30 pm