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Conscientious Projections Presents THE OTHER SIDE

Monday, February 20 @ 7:30 pm

Eventbrite - Conscientious Projections Presents "The Other Side" Conscientious Projections spotlights films that address topics of social and political significance. In addition to a screening of the film, academics, journalists and activists will join us to discuss relevant issues and provoke a discussion about what each of us can do to protect our rights and affect change. Roberto Minervini’s 2015 stylized ethnographic documentary The Other Side, set in rural Louisiana, shows us the hardships of working class Americans who have seen jobs disappear overseas and wages stagnate, and who have had to helplessly stand by as family members fall ill. But it also depicts the deep-seated racism and anti-government paranoia that have taken root. The “other side” shown here is not always a sympathetic one – Obama is called the N-word, and civilians run military drills to prepare for what they believe to be an impending United Nations occupation. How and why have some Americans come to hold these views? Did mainstream liberal ideology help create them? Does Sanders-style Socialism share with Trump a populism and anti-establishment core that could appeal to rural Americans? Bhaskar Sunkara, the founding editor of Jacobin Magazine and author of The ABCs of Socialism, will lead a discussion around these questions, the power of populism, the transformation of labor and the job market, and the Trump phenomenon. Fifty percent of ticket sales will be donated to the Right To The City Alliance, which works “to halt the displacement of low-income people, people of color, marginalized LGBTQ communities, and youths of color from their historic urban neighborhoods” and “to protect, defend, and expand housing that is truly affordable and dignified for low-income and very low-income communities.” Tickets are available on a pay-what-you-want basis.

“Seeks to show the beauty and complexity already extant in his subjects, and never projects anything that isn’t there.” – Film Comment

“This shocking portrait of Louisiana drug addicts and a pro-gun militia is also remarkably sweet. Minervini has the ability to turn grimy situations into art while affording any perceived ‘degeneracy’ on screen a style of attention that takes his subjects as seriously as they take themselves.” – Brooklyn Rail

“Powerful and disturbing.” – The New York Times The Other Side poster

Dir. Robert Minervini. 2016. 92 minutes.


Monday, February 20
7:30 pm
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