“America, F*ck Yeah!” “Let’s have sex on his table and then make him eat an omelette off of it.” “Heroin’s got a great f*cking personality!” “Christine is dead. She is dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead!”

These are just a few of the phrases you’ll hear if you come to our May $5 Midnights.

Matt Stone & Trey ParkerSpike Jonze & Charlie Kaufman! Restored Michael Mann! Renton, Spud, Sick Boy, and that horrific dead baby (spoiler!) Nicolas Roeg’s horror masterpiece DON’T LOOK NOW (featuring one of cinema’s greatest sex scenes AND scariest endings), BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW, and a super-rare screening of the Czech surrealist fairy tale, VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS!

Choose Life. Choose the L Train. Choose to get off at Bedford Ave. Choose to enter the bar. Choose to order a beer and nachos. Choose Our $5 Midnights. 

$5 Midnights May

…The rest of the calendar will be up shortly! Keep your eyes open.