New Year’s Eve with Videology

Ahhh, the New Year. A time of rebirth, rejuvenation, hope, and definitely not more of the awful things that characterized 2017. Nope, no way. New Year’s is a time for Champagne and good times, looking back on your accomplishments, and looking forward to another great year of movies.

But we can’t talk about 2017 in movies without talking about Harvey Weinstein and all the brave women who spoke out against him and people like him, which is why this New Year’ Eve, we’ll be celebrating with the leading ladies of Classic Hollywood. The Bette Davis’, the Ingrid Bergmans, the Marilyn Monroes…actresses who work under a stifling patriarchy but, through sheer force of will, created something lasting, empowering, and uniquely their own. And we’ll be celebrating them with screenings, champagne toasts, and one last 2017 bash. If you’re looking for outfit or mood inspiration, we’re also screening 3 classic Hollywood films, featuring some of our favorite leading ladies, with a champagne toast included!


SOME LIKE IT HOT with a champagne toast

There might not be an actress who embodies the dual-image of golden age Hollywood women more than Marilyn Monroe. She was marketed as a busty bombshell and typecast as a passive “dumb blonde,” but Monroe was a gifted comedian with brilliant delivery, and if super-feminine women weren’t supposed to be smart in the 1950s, one couldn’t tell by watching Monroe play up her sexuality to get what she wants. Both of these subversive tendencies are on full display in Some Like It Hot, one of her greatest roles and one of the greatest comedies of all time. Each ticket includes a champagne toast!


ALL ABOUT EVE with a champagne toast

If Monroe is the apparent submissive, Bette Davis is her opposite: outwardly cold and tough, unwilling to please anyone for show. Davis was sometimes criticized for her histrionic acting, but it is precisely those qualities that have granted her such a long afterlife. To watch Bette Davis perform is to watch a woman under the enormous pressure of expectation lash out against an unfair society. That realism hidden behind her excesses is particularly visible in All About EveEach ticket includes a champagne toast!


CASABLANCA with a champagne toast

Monroe and Davis took opposing approaches to undercutting oppression, but Ingrid Bergman was such a versatile actor that she made opposition seem natural. Graceful yet realistic, nobody projected the image of Hollywood glamour more confidently or more widely than Ingrid Bergman, so it’s only fitting that she starred in perhaps Hollywood’s most beloved film, CasablancaEach ticket includes a champagne toast!


New Year’s Eve Bash Celebrating Classic Hollywood’s Leading Ladies

We’ll always have New Year’s Eve—a night for celebration and glamour, first kisses and champagne. No one did New Year’s better than classic Hollywood leading ladies, so we’re taking a cue from them and toasting the night in style.

Whether you choose to channel Ingrid Bergman’s modest grace, Marilyn Monroe’s unapologetic sensuality, or Bette Davis’ fiery panache, we hope you join us for an evening of classic Hollywood elegance, complete with vintage-inspired party hats, confetti poppers, specialty cocktails, and champagne.

So let’s party like we’re sending a middle finger to the Hays Code and pretend that 2017 never happened.

Tickets to each screening are $20 (champagne included). The NYE bash is FREE and open to the public!