Spend Memorial Day Weekend with Videology!

Summer is so close we can almost taste it. To celebrate Memorial Day Weekend as its official kick off, we’ve expanded our menu! Our watermelon margaritas are now available in shareable pitchers, plus two new pitcher cocktails! Introducing “Wild Strawberries”, a strawberry daiquiri with fresh strawberries, and “La Vie en Rosé”, a delicious vodka & rosé lemonade! We also added a new Kimchi hot dog!

What better time to try them than this weekend, with our jam-packed lineup of fun events?

MEMORIAL DAY: DIRTY DANCING with a Watermelon Margarita

Celebrate Memorial Day with a screening of Dirty Dancing and a juicy watermelon margarita, included with your ticket!

Say hello to summer with a film about sexual awakening, forbidden love, dirty dancing, and snobby rich folks who keep putting Baby in the corner. You’re also never going to get that song out of your head, so you might as well give in now. We have FOUR SCREENINGS, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to make room for this ’80s classic and a delicious watermelon margarita in your weekend plans!

CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE with an Old Fashioned!

Remember that scene where Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling recreate the lift from Dirty Dancing? (Yes, there’s definitely a theme here.) Rate how it stacks up against the real thing and see both in one weekend! Each ticket includes an Old Fashioned that we’ll pretend shirtless Ryan Gosling made for you. See it Friday at 9:15pm!


Bring your friends and sing along to your favorite Beatles hits!

The songs of the Beatles provide the sonic framework for this musical tale of romance, war and peace that Roger Ebert called “an audacious marriage of cutting-edge visual techniques, heart-warming performances, 1960s history and the Beatles songbook.” Performed against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, Beatles songs reveal their unexpected social resonance that is all too easy to miss in decades-old pop songs, and aren’t those performances great! From the re-contextualized “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” remade as a same-sex ode to unrequited love, to the desperation of “Let it Be,” these would be Beatles songs like you’ve never heard them before if they weren’t every bit as great as they have always been. See it Saturday at 8:45PM!

THE PARENT TRAP with Napa Valley Chardonnay

For when the summer nostalgia kicks in. Each ticket includes a glass of Beringer Napa Valley Chardonnay, moving you one step closer to your dream of living on the Parker Family vineyard. We’ll also have a peanut butter & Oreo special! Join us this Sunday at 4:30PM as we remember the optimistic promise of Lindsay Lohan’s post-child star career.

Friends Trivia!!

*To be read in your best Janice voice*: “Ohhh myy goood. It’s FRIENDS trivia!”

We’ve all seen enough reruns by now that you have no excuse if you can’t put this away faster than one of Joey’s sandwiches. Doors open at 7, so get here early! Max 4 per team!