Twin Peaks returns!

We’re going to let you in on a little secret; that show you like is going to come back in style. We have no idea where it will lead us, but we have a feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange, and we are already feeling more than a twinge of anticipation for the May 21 premiere.

To celebrate the dream come true, we’re bringing back Twin Peaks Bingo beginning April 19. We will be running through the first season – still unlike anything else on television – as well as the second season finale to remind you of what we last saw of our favorite fictional town.

You might want to take notes as you watch the show and play bingo with us, because one week ahead of the premiere on May 14, we’ll be hosting Twin Peaks Trivia! We have no idea what to expect from the new episodes, so perhaps some obscure bit of knowledge might be exactly the tidbit you need to make sense of some impending plot development. And even if not, how could you resist five rounds of trivia, luxuriating in the promises and heartbreak of Twin Peaks?

As the fateful weekend approaches, we’re amping up our David Lynch celebrations, beginning Friday, May 19 with a midnight screening of Wild At Heartthe Palme d’Or winner released theatrically between the first two seasons of Twin Peaks. It also features a great performance by Laura Dern, who was cast in a largely unknown but “pivotal” role in the new season.

Blue Velvet provided the template of the tucked-away town, lush with greenery and beautiful people and cordial relations but haunted by a seedy underbelly that would serve as the basis for Twin Peaks, so it’s only right that we screen it the day before the premiere! Don’t miss the film that put both Lynch and Kyle Maclachlan on the map!

Of course, no proper celebration of the return of David Lynch and Twin Peaks is complete without a screening of Fire Walk With Me! Reviled upon release but now recognized for its head-on confrontation with the evils Lynch could only hint at on television, as well as perhaps his most unsettling and scary film, nothing provides a clearer look at the sins obscured by the banal than the prequel film.

Catch some shut-eye, but don’t oversleep! The premiere on Sunday, May 21 will air live on all our screens starting at 9pm, but we’re going to make a day of it beginning at noon. We’re pulling a Nadine and reliving the glory days. Rewatch earlier episodes with host Maggie Ross, play trivia, win prizes, have a damn fine cup of coffee, and eat all the cherry pie. More details TBA, but here’s what our log is telling us:

The day will include:

  • Select episodes from Twin Peaks Season 1 & 2!
  • Themed drink specials
  • Trivia
  • Costume contest
  • Exclusively “Lynchian” soundtrack
  • Coffee + cherry pie
  • + MORE! (Stay tuned.)

…And of course, the live premiere of Season 3!

See you in the trees…